Aloha Oe

I love this song! Aloha!

Blue Cave

We had so much fun with Sasha and Shaylei. One of the many fun things we did was go to Blue Cave, a sea cave formed by thousands of years of ocean waves pounding against the lava and eventually etching out a cavern. The water inside this wet cave is fed by springs seeping through the pourous lava and is extremely cold. There are a couple of wet caves on Kauai's north shore. Legend states that these caves were built by Pele, the volcano goddess, for her lover, but when they filled with water, she abandoned them.

To get there you have to take a quick hike...

This is the entrance.

Once you hike down inside, you see the water.

Looking back out from the bottom of the cave.

This is just outside the cave...

Erick thought he was Indiana Jones...( :

Ethan wanted to join in the fun

Sasha & Izzie

Banyan trees have to be the coolest!



I love Ke'e beach. It is so beautiful, especially at sunset! It is at the end of the road on the north shore, before you get to the magnificent Na Pali Coast.

Na Pali means "the cliffs," aren't they gorgeous! And pictures just don't do them justice!

Thanks for the great pictures Shaylei.



Poipu Beach is on the south side of the island. It is a real "tourisy" beach, but it is fun for the kids. It is protected by the reef so the waves are not very big, and there is a "kiddie pool." Erick and Ethan went snorkeling while Izzie and I built sand castles.

Isn't he the cutest boy!

After fun in the sun, we went to Koloa Town, an old sugar plantation town.


Let's Go Surfing Now....

everybody's learning how....

In the summer, the river comes through Grandpa's Beach on Hanalei Bay and it was so much fun for the kids to have it right there.

Izzie has strong little arms!

Look at that paddling, she was fast!

I love this one

Ethan has become quite the surfer. The boy loooooves the water!

I love the sailboats in the background in this one

While Ethan surfs, Izzie does this...

and this....

and this is what we have to wash out of her hair...


Birthday Fun!

I am finally catching up with posting has been over a month since Izzie's birthday. Where did the time go?

Birthday morning, finding her presents

So excited to open them

Izzie's first Barbie

Party at Grandpa's Beach

It isn't a party without a cake...all the hands are trying to block the wind.

We decided to forgo the candles and just sing

"The frosting is my favorite part!"


3rd Grade!

I can't believe we have a 3rd grader!

Ethan is such a great student. He has always been very inquisitive and loves learning. We are excited about this school year, Ethan knows most of the kids in his class, as they were in his 2nd grade class. We love Hanalei School!